TENGO® is an innovative nutritional drink supplement brand targeted at pet owners who are increasingly expressing concern relating to their pets' health. TENGO® is a brand that is positioned between conventional pet foods that satisfy a basic physiological need and the more specialised pet care segments dedicated to relieving or addressing ailments. TENGO® products offer pet owners more proactive involvement in influencing their pets' well-being.


Developed by pet lovers and entrepreneurs, TENGO® has launched it's 1st product TENGO®cat in Europe in the 2nd Quarter 2014 and will start selling in the USA by the 2nd half of 2015. Other countries around the globe will follow.

The company headquarters are based in Zürich, Switzerland. Our office in Munich, Germany covers the European market. The office in Miami, USA, covers the Americas and Asia.

Tengo AG
Böndlerstrasse 22a, 8802 Kilchberg, Switzerland