OM24® is a highly active blend of plant-based substances developed in Switzerland. The tea plant extract OM24® stabilized cells, cell membranes and subcellular structures such as core-DNA and mitochondria and supports the nervous system, proven in studies carried out by the famous Swiss Technical University, ETH, in Zurich.


OM24® is an all natural product made from whole tea plant leaves. Most other tea plant extracts have a lower amount of antioxidant properties in them. The proportions of polyphenols vary from leaf to leaf depending on the time of day the leaf was picked, the altitude of the tree, the rainfall the day before it was picked, and so on.

Scientists at Switzerland's ETH-Zurich University figured out how to extract and stabilize the most powerful polyphenols, catechins and amino acids in tea plant leaves and then combine them perfectly.

TENGO® has worldwide exclusivity to use OM24® in the pet industry.

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