TENGO®cat - born out of the necessity to 'do more'.

We are proud to be the only pet company in the world that includes the formula OM24® in our first Multivitamin Drink.

TENGO®cat is a daily multivitamin drink enriched with OM24® created specifically for cats. TENGO®cat is positioned as an affordable everyday purchase that is convenient and easy to serve as a complement to a pet's daily meals. It is a natural and lactose-free dairy-based beverage that is easily digestible and exclusively contains OM24®, a standardised complex of highly active substances from the tea plant that was developed over ten years at ETH Laboratories in Switzerland. Used as a daily supplement, cats can satisfy their natural need for hydration as well as the benefit from the qualities of the contained vitamins and OM24®.

Our studies have shown that 98% of cats have enjoyed drinking TENGO®cat and smacked their lips afterwards!

TENGO®cat is being produced both in Europe and the USA.

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